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The Mime TALKS! Bill Bowers on his new show: ALL OVER THE MAP

July 10, 2019

Bill Bowers is a mime ... who talks ... about his adventures ... around the world, ALL OVER THE MAP. This is a featured event of the special Stonewall50 Fresh Fruit Festival, at The WILD Project 195 East 3rd Street (between Aves. A & B) New York City. Limited Engagement: Wednesday 7/10 @ 8:30 pm and Sunday 7/14 @ 2:30 pm.

For a mime, Bill Bowers has a lot to say. He's studied with the legendary Marcel Marceau; performed on and off Broadway; at the Kennedy Center, for the president (a different one) at the White House; throughout Europe and Asia; and in-between, at some of the finest grade school cafetoriums in America.

In All Over the Map, Bill brings us to 50 states and 25 countries, where we get to share some of his more memorable moments over a 30 year career on the road. Powerful stories that will make you laugh and cry - and even gasp as Bill takes you places so unbelievable they could only be TRUE! Did we mention the hookers and the bunny? Bill's indelible memories and characters will stay with you long after lights come up.

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