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Around the World with Jessie & Joshua

April 18th, 2019

There is a proverb…”He who saves the life of one man saves the world entire.” Join us during the holiday season and help save the entire world… one song at a time!

earth cabaret

Ripple Effect Artists invite you to a special Earth Day celebration at the opulent Triad Theater on Easter night: EARTH DAY CABARET! Special event, Sunday evening, April 21, 2019 @ 6:00 – 7:30 pm at The Triad, 158 W 72nd St, New York City.

Special performances by notates from on and off Broadway: Dylan Adams, Jessie Fahay, Rance W Wright, and interfaith minister and artist, Sandra Bargman.

This show will be raising awareness and funds to end CO2 emissions and climate change. Tickets available at Ask about our student discounts. As with all cabaret theaters, there will be a two-drink minimum.

Ripple Effect Artists believes that theater can inspire an audience to make a difference. All Ripple Effect productions donates a significant portion of Box Office Proceeds towards Human Rights Organizations/Initiatives. REA also believes in fostering the next generation of artists and leaders thus inspiring students and emerging artists to create their own “Ripple Effect.”


Film and play maker Joshua Crone returns to New York with a stage/film hybrid that pushes the envelope.




The story of a school shooter and some unlikely targets – presented directly after Easter at the NuBox Theater. Based on eyewitness accounts of the shooting at Umpqua Community College, Crone’s dark parable won an Encore Producer’s Award at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival. “A tightly-wound piece that packs considerable emotion into its brief run time.” – Kurt Gardner, ArtsBeatLA.

The NuBox Theater at John DeSotelle Studio

754 9th Ave, New York City


Friday, April 26 @ 8 pm, Saturday, April 27 @ 3 & 8 pm, and Sunday, April 28 @ 3 & 8 pm – Tickets: $25/$15 (

A school shooter who singles out believers enters the lives of a teenage evangelist, a juvenile delinquent, and a youth pastor with a shady past in Joshua Crone’s dark parable. Presented after the Easter holiday, WASHED IN THE BLOOD explores a perpetrator of one of the 21st century’s most shocking and now-prevalent crimes. Based on fact and eye-witness accounts, Crone’s play offers audiences a tour through the mind of a victim-turned-shooter.

Joshua Crone leads a fascinating life. He took up playwriting as a Marine in Southern California and spent the next decade supporting his habit with jobs as a carpenter, programmer, fisherman, teacher, before settling on a career in Polish and German translation. Along the way, he produced plays in Krakow, Berlin and London, earned a Masters in philosophy from the Jagiellonian University and studied directing at the Polish National Film School in Lodz. Then he moved to Los Angeles, where he crewed on half a dozen films at AFI, produced several plays and shot his first feature. He currently lives in New York.

This is Crone’s second transfer. Squatters, a two-hander about a couple in an abandoned building days after 911, received standing ovations last year.

Debra Cook and the her journey with “Jilted”

April 12th, 2019
JILTED TO PERFECTION, a short musical romance, written and starring acclaimed opera singer, Debra Cook, after a joyous and celebrated run last summer on Theatre Row, returns for a special showing at The Triad, the posh NYC cabaret, on Saturday afternoon, April 13 @ 3:00 p.m., 158 West 72nd Street (between Amsterdam & Columbus aves) with tickets available at Two drink minimum, light fare available.
Debra, a shamed and divorced Mormon mother, recounts her botched and consequential Metropolitan Opera audition, and introduces her first sight of a strange and older man, Fred, who seems to know her already. Both working as extras in an opera, Fred claims that Debra is his “true wife,” and pursues her despite her fears, her missed dates, and her biases. He steals a kiss that is like no other, and Debra’s passion fights with practicality. Jilted, he reacts with a vow to celibacy in a Scientology order and moves to LA  ,as Debra, uninformed, proclaims her love. After getting routed out of the Sea Org by his third wife’s protestations, Fred writes Debra, and the long distance affair leads to marriage. Time passes and Debra is overcome by the set-backs & hardships of “living the dream,” and by Fred’s declining health and demeanor. They continue to re-boot their family and career in moves to LA and Utah, where Debra’s son, Aaron, is at the effect of their calamitous search to make their “Mission” as artists viable.  She cannot identify the underpinning that keeps her in the relationship, but Fred’s gravity as a seeker wins out. He becomes a healthy & cherished mentor, father educator, and philosopher. Their love matures and deepens, yet Fred passes unexpectedly while Debra is away. She questions if she can grow through the adversity of loosing her soul-mate, but is comforted by her own mother’s unique perspective of Fred’s perfection. 5 year old Granddaughter McKinslee sings an Alleluia celebrating Grandpa Fred’s searching questions.
This story really happened. It is based on the 23 year challenging love affair of two artists, Fred and Debra Cook, and their unlikely pairing. Debra is a shamed and recently divorced Mormon mother of two children fleeing from Utah to New York, without alimony nor child support, hoping to expand upon a career as an opera singer. Fred much older, an almost destitute actor/director,just finishing his 4th marriage, with 4 children, and a high-ranking Scientologist. After Debra flubbs a rare Metropolitan Opera Audition, they meet at New York City Opera as “Supernumeraries.” Fred was there because an actress quit one of his plays for more money to act in Carmen, and Fred was fascinated by the novelty of being in an opera. Debra deigned to be an “actor” in the production because her son had a paid position in the Children’s’ Chorus. So, Fred was cast as the Priest and Debra as the Nun. She had been admonished by clergy to date only Mormons, and well-to-do ones at that. Yet, Fred’s immediate proclamation that Debra was his “true wife” precipitated her reaction to repel him, albeit there was an inexplicable gravity pulling her towards him. He said, “Well, if I can’t be with my true wife, then I’ll be an ascetic and join the Sea Org.” Their recruiters promised him a post making movies for the Church. His time in the Sea Org was a debacle, and his third wife, also a Sea Org Scientologist, got him routed out, and Fred was soon writing Cyrano-esque letters to Debra from across the country. His unflappable spirit and inspirations led the family through a series of misadventures, including an unpopular marriage, Hollywood rip-off artists, 4 of 6 kids with addiction issues, failed business schemes, and a move to Park City, where a fledgling music store and school eventually became a local legacy. When Fred suddenly passed away, even the funeral director said his service was the greatest show he had ever seen, and Fred’s professed love story with Debra, his heuristic teaching and philosophy, and his unconditional love for everyone, became part of the local folklore. Fred was the unseen consultant in the 4 years that Debra worked on the Sleepy Hollow Musical’s creative team, and he became not only her mentor and greatest fan, but the reason that she and her family press on as artist/educators in a sea of disillusioned cynics. He left them a legacy to build upon as they celebrate taking risks and learning from their experience.

Towering Troubadours: Mario Claudio and George Dixon of Granny’s Blue-Mers

March 31st, 2019



Granny’s back in I’m SOOO High: Rev. Mary’s Reefer Revue
April 6 @ 9:30 at Pangea, 172 Second Avenue, NYC

Join us for some more wild and woolly word-play from back-in-the-day. This time, it’s not sexy banter but smoky phrasing! 

Song-stylists of the roaring 20s and 30s supplied the crowds of the speakeasies with terrific tunes and merry melodies more than mentioning MARIJUANA!

With nicknames like Blue sage, Catnip, Dope, Grass, Jive, Jay, Gauge, Tea, Vibe, Mary-Jane, and Jazz Cabbage – not to mention the standard reefer, pot, and weed … expect a wild night at Pangea that you’ll never forget … then again, what’s that about short term memory?

Rev. Mary has since taken the cabaret world by storm with her All-Man Band of Dan Furman on piano with Mario Claudio and George Dixon as back-up, with a host of guest musicians. She brought down the house at the Duplex with Granny’s Blue-Mers: The Meat Show and Down In the Alley. Both acts having toured clubs such as Pianos, Freddy’s Bar and Backroom, Otto’s, West End Lounge, and a return engagement at the Duplex. She presented her powerful one-woman exploration in The Lady in Black at Don’t Tell Mama on two occasions collecting scores of resounding reviews; and scored kudos as part of the Augusta Heritage Blues and Swing festival in West Virginia.  She also produced Sing-ular Sensations at Don’t Tell Mama, spotlighting three cabaret artists’ one-person shows.

Tickets are now on sale. For further information contact Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment at 347-497-4814 or

Cat and the Dogs of War! The Art of Protest

March 31st, 2019

Art is more than imitating life – as the expression goes – it facilities; it communicates, it combats it. Articulate Theatre Company explores the role of the artist’s role in activism with the Art of Protest.

Articulating The Arts: The Art of Protest: April 3 – 6 (April 3 – 5 @ 8pm; April 6 @ 7pm) at TADA Theatre 15 W. 28th St, NYC, 2nd Floor. Tkts:

Visual artists – as an ad or a picket sign – create images that stick in our collective minds and allow their visual to visualize change. Articulate will team playwrights with visual artists to create Articulating the Arts, Articulate Theatre Company’s signature benefit event examining other art forms through the lens of theatre. It brings together the ATC ensemble and guest artists with unique works of art to use as a springboard and source of inspiration for new theatre works. For past sessions, we’ve responded to classic paintings, folk music, children’s folklore, and more.

Today’s world has challenged us to look at how artists impact change in the world through protest images, as our playwrights create new theatre works in response to the art created to invoke change in our society and beyond: The Art of Protest!

Participating Playwrights: J. B. Alexander, Jaisey Bates, Thomas C. Dunn, Jeff Dunne, Elizabeth Gordon, Liv Matthews, Robin Rice, Scott C. Sickles, Judd Lear Silverman, and Bara Swain

Participating Directors: Janet Bentley, Tekla GaughanMichael HaginsKatrin Hilbe, Brock Hill, Joan KaneBrian Gillespie, Cat Parker, and Catherine Vargas

Participating Actors: Sarah Babb,* Grant Bowen,* David Palmer Brown,* J. Dolan Byrnes,* Laurence Cantor,* Joanne Dorian,* Arianna Ennis, Brad Fryman,* Michael Gnat,* Kylie Kelder, David Lamberton,* Sarah Okada, Denise Pence,* Eric Percival,* Briana Sakamoto,* Sharon Talbot,* Valerie Terranova,* Brittney Venable, and William Franke*

Participating Designer: George Allison (Scenic Design); Janet Bentley (Sound Design); Morry Campbell (Sound Consultant)

Articulate Theatre Company is committed to challenging and connecting audiences and artists with clearly structured work that is intelligent, thought-provoking, visually striking and timeless.

Articulate produces “mythical” theatre that is based around the three definitions of ‘articulate:’ clarity, structure and connectivity: challenging and connecting audiences and artists with clearly structured work that is intelligent, thought-provoking and visually striking.

Getting High With Mary

March 16th, 2019


Granny’s back in I’m SOOO High: Rev. Mary’s Reefer Revue 

April 6 @ 9:30 at Pangea, 172 Second Avenue, NYC

Rev. Mary and her All-Man Band have made “Granny’s
Blue-Mers” the go-to group for wild and woolly wordplay from back-in-the-day.

Specializing in salacious tunes that found unique lyrics to beat the sensors, Rev. Mary recently came across a host of songs that crowded the speakeasies more than mentioning MARIJUANA! 

With nicknames like Blue Sage, Catnip, Dope, Grass, Jive, Jay, Gauge, Tea, Vibe, Mary-Jane, and Jazz Cabbage - not to mention the standard reefer, pot, and weed ... expect a wild night of daring ditties at NYC’s premier downtown hotspot: Pangea. 

The night promises to be unforgettable ... then again, what's that about short-term memory?

Rev. Mary has since taken the cabaret world by storm with
her All-Man Band of Dan Furman on piano with Mario Claudio and George Dixon as back-up, with a host of guest musicians - including plans to have powerhouse Jontavious Willis joining her band for her next foray in the recording studio.

Rev. Mary brought down the house at the Duplex with Granny's
Blue-Mers: The Meat Show and Down In the Alley. Both acts having toured clubs such as Pianos, Freddy's Bar and Backroom, Otto's, West End Lounge, and a return engagement at the Duplex. She presented her compelling one-woman exploration in The Lady in Black at Don't Tell Mama on two occasions collecting scores of resounding reviews; and scored kudos as part of the Augusta Heritage Blues and Swing festival in West Virginia, where she first met Willis. She also produced Sing-ular Sensations at Don't Tell Mama, spotlighting three cabaret artists' one-person shows.






Remembering singers who went unsung with new recordings of daring songs about hot-button topics and female empowerment.

“In 2013, I was asked to perform at a club that caters to the more “adventurous” in NYC. They loved my voice and asked if I knew of any racy tunes. I was kind of dumbfounded, but it piqued my curiosity, I started to research and there they were … albums of them! While many were written for and by men, there was a gold mine full of songs written and sung by women as well.  This opened a door for me to explore, which I did. Each of these “dirty” songs was extremely funny and very rich in double entendre and poetry. Then I found an equal cache of songs about marijuana and other taboo topics. They all came from 1910-1950. I was hooked."

Rev. Mary Elizabeth Micari, founder of The Granny Project

Now it’s time to take this further.

It’s time to commit these songs to modernized audio … and video … recording for a new generation. 

The Granny Project is planning to create a music video and audio recording of the ground-breaking tune, My Daddy Rocks Me. This is the first song ever recorded that mention the then-unheard term … Rock and Roll. This will be the first song but certainly not the last. We want to create excitement ... and interest. 

Rev. Mary and her company have chosen Freddy’s Bar & Backroom. This club is a replica of the original speakeasy by the same name in the heart of Brooklyn.

Rev. Mary is in negotiation with guitarist, Jontavious Willis, to join the company.  

"That's my Wonderboy, the Wunderkind," says Henry Saint Clair Fredericks, better known as American blues musician, Taj Mahal, "He's a great new voice of the twenty-first century in the acoustic blues. I just love the way he plays," he concluded. “Only a few like him emerge every decade or so, when even the most hard core blues fans realize immediately that this is the real deal," writes Frank Matheis in Living Blues Magazine.

Who better than Willis to back-up Rev. Mary and help keep the torch lit for this kind of music and for helping memorialize these great old tunes and the musicians that created them?

Sounds great … but the project is millions of miles away in terms of budget.

What We Need & What You Get

My Daddy – the recording and the video needs:

  • A cinematographer
  • A director
  • Costumes
  • Make-up
  • Lighting
  • Sound and sound editing
  • Location expenses
  • Various fees and stipends
  • Licenses, permits, and insurance
  • Contract creation
  • Transportation
  • Performance and video rights
  • Marketing and public relations
  • And so much more.

Contributors will receive rewards such as free tickets to all live Granny’s Blue-Mers shows; autographed music and photos with the company; a free concert at the event of your choice (birthdays, weddings, holiday parties, etc.), and even being an extra in the video itself according to the contribution amount.

The Impact

"As my research went further, I’d discovered that many of the female artists who sang these tunes were brave to do so at that time. The sad part was that – now – so few of these songs were ever published or notated and a really heartbreaking amount of the singers were never even given credit at all.

I had a mission … yes, this was for entertainment but also for enlightenment … and education as well as fun. After all, these songs are celebratory and make people laugh and smile.  They were created at a time when that was sometimes hard to come by, very similar to now."

Mary Elizabeth Micari

Risks & Challenges

To stand in a club or bar and sing these songs and mention Trixie Smith, L'il Johnson, Bessie Smith, Julia Lewis, Sophie Tucker, and Ida Cox, is great. The audience loves it and everyone laughs and dances and just forgets their cares for a short time.  However, to be able to commit these songs to freshly video and recording using updated modern digitized equipment and using the internet with its reach to so many on social media will open the ears of so many more to this 100 plus year old music that is not only fun but historic and quite interesting. 

Professional video equipment and the individuals trained to use them costs money.  We also need to secure rights and proper insurance. We have the passion, we have trained and talented singers willing to donate time and energy; we have the music and have spent many hours notating them - some from scratchy records from as much as 100 plus years ago. NOW, we need the nuts & bolts! 

Other Ways You Can Help

Know someone with professional equipment looking for a tax-write-off? Know someone with sound editing equipment? How about video lighting ... or a costume collection ... or a lawyer needing pro bono work ... or...

Price: $20 - $25 
$20 food/drink minimum

Tickets: Buy Tickets



William Considine INTERVIEW for Moral Support

February 27th, 2019

Join us for MORAL SUPPORT, William Considine’s intense study of survival in a dysfunctional family. FINAL WEEKEND:


 “…this play will get you thinking …”

“… strong performances by Cynthia Shaw (the mother) and David A.P. Brown (the father).”

“This play isn't easy to watch, it might make you cry, but it resonates deeply.

Show Score


“Moral Support is a gentle memory play; nostalgic and autobiographical. William Considine has written a bittersweet tale about an estranged mother’s cry for help and her son’s lifelong struggle to believe her. It’s a slice of life, well written and acted with skill; a personal cri de coeur that resonates long after the final curtain.”

Jan Ewing, Hi Drama (Spectrum Cable)





Henry & the Improv’rs (IRTE)

February 10th, 2019

IRTE 2019: Fasten your seat belts!!!

Tammy’s Bachelorette

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS March 8, 9, 15 & 16, 8:00pm

Tickets $15 Online / $17 at the Door

The Producers Club

358 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036

Conceived by Nannette Deasy

Directed by Robert Baumgardner 

With Special Guest Improvisers and Musical Guests!

Blonde, beautiful Tammy Tucker is getting married, and you’re invited! She’s reunited all her besties, one male stripper and an ex-boyfriend or two to say goodbye to single life in this improvised and interactive Bachelorette Party of the CENTURY!


Quisqueya Productions presents a limited showing of a re-imagined version of Shakespeare’s HENRY V. Shakespeare’s definitive parable of war and warriors will directed by Broadway veteran, Mary Lou Rosato, at the legendary American Theatre of Actors – one of the last great theaters of the famed off-off Broadway movement – for a special limited run, February 21 – 24 (Thursday – Saturday @ 7:30 p.m. with special matinees on Saturday & Sunday @ 2:00 p.m. – Invited previews start Feb 18) The ATA is located at 314 W 54th St, New York City. Tickets available at

Presented in contemporary dress with allusions to period style, Quisqueya Productions hopes to show – in this stunning new production – the duality of mankind; the eternal battle between modern thinking and warlike desires. Producer/performer, Laris Macario, who appears as Henry was quoted as saying “Henry gets caught up in his own legend … as we all do,” Macario has accepted the challenge of playing several of Shakespeare’s men of conviction, who see their missions as a way to justify a place on the throne and, in many respects, come closer to God. Others in his canon are Marc Antony in Julius Caesar and Lucius in Titus Andronicus leading the pack. “In these uncertain times, the story of a valiant soul leading the common man to victory is that much more necessary,” he concluded.

Broadway luminary, Roger Rathburnappears in the production as the Archbishop of Canterbury and the King of France. Rathburn was seen on Broadway in No, No, Nanette, Five O’Clock Girl; OB: Children of Adam; Las Vegas: Mame; among others. His own canon of appearances in Shakespeare include The Tempest (Gonzalo and Prospero), Henry IV, Hamlet, As You Like It (Corin, Adam).

Helming the production is another Broadway notable: Mary Lou Rosato with credentials including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Measure for Measure, Merry Wives of Windsor, Hamlet and Henry V; with non-Bardian Broadway works including Salome in the first Broadway production of The Robber Bridegroom; Once Upon A Mattress, The School For Scandal, The Suicide, The Inspector General, The Three Sisters, The Time Of Your Life, Edward II, and The Beggar’s Opera.

The ensemble cast includes, Sylvain Panet-Raymond, Sam Tilles, Julian EvansMegan Smith, Kaitlyn Farley, Joe Penczak, Jared Kirby, Patrick Hamilton, Yosef Podolski, Diego Tapia, Mark Guerette, Suzanne Kennedy, and Tom Kalnas.

Coast to Coast with Power-Players: Opplaud in NY and Joel Eisenberg in California

February 10th, 2019


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Joel Eisenberg is a writer-producer, whose current eight-book fantasy saga with co-author Steve HillardThe Chronicles of Ara, was sold to Ovation TV for an eight-hour miniseries. The deal was unique for a network in that the series was published by the independent Incorgnito Press, and was printed digitally on-demand. He is represented by CAA.

In 2001, Eisenberg co-wrote Out of the Black with Karl Kozak, an independent feature that won 17 national film festival awards. The film starred Tyler ChristopherJason WidenerDee Wallace StoneSally Struthers and Sally Kirkland.

In 2004, Eisenberg, an avid book collector, was hired by a private party to identify, organize and archive a substantial lot of unidentified handwritten materials. These materials were soon verified as original John Steinbeck writings considered “lost” to history, and have been since referred to by a noted historian as “one of the most important literary discoveries of the century.”

In 2005, he wrote the non-fiction inspirational tome, How to Survive a Day Job, which featured contributions from established public figures as to how they survived the day job experience, en route to working professionally within the arts. Contributors included Clive BarkerStephen J. Cannell, director Robert Wise (in his final interview), Brad MeltzerLaurell HamiltonLarry Hagman and others. Later that year, he co-founded All Cities Media with partner Eric Shaw, an entertainment-centric networking group hosted by Paramount StudiosWarner Brothers StudiosSunset-Gower Studios and more. The goal of ACM was to level the playing field between filmmakers and finance. Eisenberg concluded his participation in the group in 2014.

April Showers was a critically acclaimed feature film executive produced by Eisenberg, and released in 2009. Based on the Columbine School Shootings tragedy, April Showers was written and directed by Columbine survivor Andrew Robinson, and was awarded a special citation by the U.S. House of Representatives for its co-star Tom Arnold and his fight for the continuance of school safety standards.

He is developing several film projects, including the Alzheimer's-themed January Rain as co-writer and producer, and Louis vs Schmeling, a boxing biopic co-written with Gilbert Adler (producer of Superman ReturnsValkyrieConstantineTales from the Crypt) to be directed by Bill Duke. Eisenberg is also Executive Producing Then Again with Herbie J Pilato, an Inside the Actor's Studio-type talkfest focused on classic television, for Decades Network, a CBS and Weigel Broadcasting station, and Shadow Show with Vincent Price, based on the bestselling anthology edited by Sam Weller and Mort Castle, and the subsequent IDW Comics adaptation.

For other networks, Eisenberg continues to develop several projects based on various pop-culture brands. Letters from a Drugstore Cowboy, based on the unpublished writings of James Fogle - the inspiration for the film, Drugstore Cowboy - was optioned to FOX Studios in 2013.

Since 2014, he has been penning the eight-volume The Chronicles of Ara fantasy novel series with Steve Hillard, a continuation of Hillard's book, Mirkwood: A Novel About J.R.R. Tolkien. Eisenberg and Hillard formed Mirkwood Partners, LLC in 2015, a feature film and television development company. In 2017, the company was renamed Council Tree Productions. Co-Production deals set up through Council Tree Productions include the reality-based “Race For Space” with Roddenberry Entertainment“Farway Canyon” based on the independent comic book of the same name with Buffalo 8, and “Terror Talk” with the Roku station Terror TV.

Eisenberg has been writing professionally since 1986 in varied media, starting as a columnist for a series of national professional wrestling and martial arts periodicals. He has successfully marketed various projects to Public Television supporters for national and local program funding, including California’s Gold with Huell HowserAmerican PlayhouseMasterpiece and The Puzzle Place.

Eisenberg supports Special Education programs and worked as a teacher for at-risk youth, including gang members, drug abusers and victims of physical abuse, in such avenues as Creative Writing. He is an in-demand speaker who offers his seminars, "How to Network Your Book into a Film or TV Deal" and "Catching the Muse: How to Claim Your Artistic Spirit" to conferences nationwide, including those for Writer's Digest.

All Write! Doug DeVita & Christopher Struck

February 10th, 2019

A member of the Dramatists Guild of America, Doug’s play Phillie's Trilogy (AKA The Phillie Trilogy,) was recently named a Semi-Finalist in Barrington Stage Company's first ever competition for the Burman New Play Award, placing in the top 60 out of over 450 submissions. It also won Scrap Mettle Arts Inaugural Emerging Playwrights Program competition, was chosen to inaugurate Great Griffon’s “Seeking The Queer Voice” reading series in January 2017, and was produced as part of the 2017 Fresh Fruit Festival, where it recieved a Fresh Fruit Award of Distinction for Outstanding Production. Other work includes The Fierce Urgency Of Now, also produced at the 2016 Fresh Fruit festival, where it won four Fresh Fruit Awards of Distinction, including Outstanding Play, and Outstanding Production; Upper Division, recently named a Semi-Finalist for Normal Avenue's New American Play Series; NELL DASH, The Gruesomely Merry Adventures Of An Irrepressibly Sensible Capitalist With A Vengeance; and Just A Rumor (co-written with Gary Lyons) which was a Semi-Finalist at the Eugene O’Neill Playwright’s Conference and has had readings at New York’s Abingdon Theatre Company and London’s Menier Chocolate Factory. His ten-minute play, Checking The Basement for Leaks (the first play in Phillie's Trilogy) has been performed at the Gallery Players Black Box Festival in New York, The Driftwood Players Short Works Festival in Seattle, Ramapo College in New Jersey, and The Warner International Playwrights Festival in Connecticut. He has also collaborated with actress Lane Bradbury (the original Dainty June in Gypsy, starring Ethel Merman) on her one-woman show Let Me Entertain You, Again, which was performed at the Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles, as well as Feinstein’s/54 Below, and Don’t Tell Mama in New York. 
Doug belongs to both Rogelio's Rogues, and The 36th Street Writers Block (formerly Abingdon Theatre Playwrights Group 1) in Manhattan, and has studied with Karen Hartman, Rogelio Martinez, and Eric Webb.
He has also worked as an Art director/Copywriter for such advertising agencies as Grey Global Group, J. Walter Thompson, and N.W. Ayer, and was the marketing director for Abingdon Theatre Company for four years. He was also an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Advertising Design Department at F.I.T. in New York. All of the above, along with a Catholic school education and his mother, have given him an unbelievable amount of material.

Contemporary Novelist, Christopher M. Struck (Chris Struck, C. M. Struck) will make his debut with Kennig and Gold, to be released with BHC Press this coming June.

Prior to living his childhood dream as a New York writer, Chris received 6 degrees, traveled to 19 countries, taught at 3 universities, and studied 2 foreign languages.

Today, he can be found reviewing for Cabaret Scenes magazine, helping out at the Museum of Interesting Things, or attending NYU's Posthuman Philosophy summits. His early reviews of New York theater have helped inspire and inform his later work.

Official Author Page at BHC Press

Cabaret Critiques at Cabaret Scenes Magazine

Theater Reviews Posted to ShowScore

Organizers on getting ORGANIZED

February 10th, 2019

Bob Ost, founder of the Leading Network for Developing Theater Professionals

Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) is a nonprofit organization created to help producers produce, emerging theater companies to emerge healthily and all theater professionals to understand and best navigate the business of theater. Our membership roster includes self-producing artists as well as career producers. If you are a theater professional, take this opportunity to become a part of the leading professional development, mentorship and networking organization in the industry!


Marcina Zaccaria is a writer, director, and arts administrator.  She has directed readings and plays in venues that include New Dramatists, TheaterLab, HERE Arts Center, Dixon Place, Soho Rep, Dance Theater Workshop, and the Ohio Theater.  She curated a Salon at Dixon Place.  This one day event featured visual artists, spoken word artists, dancers, filmmakers, and theater artists. 
She is a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women, and is a reader for the New York Musical Theatre Festival.  Arts administration experience includes providing support for the Executive Director/ Contemporary Programming at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.  She has worked in ticket sales at the Roundabout Theatre Company and Manhattan Theater Club.  
She has written monologues, published in InterJACtions:  Monologues from the Heart of Human Nature (Vol. II), available on Amazon.  She is published in the New Crit section of Howl Round, and her clips can be found on Twitter.  She has an MFA from Columbia University.