ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 69 - Donald Loftus: Brilliance & Eloquence are still in Fashion

May 28th, 2020

There is no need to announce the winner of THIS “IN NEED OF A CAPTION” COMPETITION ... it's Donald Loftus. 

The best caption would be "gentleman ... captain of industry ... raconteur ... master playwright"

My hair was once dark, now it is not, so I remember other eras well and Donald Luftus possessed all the grace and eloquence of that other time. I didn't need to prepare questions. I just needed to listen to this man's tales of great success despite adversity and be enthralled. 

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ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 67 - Caytha Jentis: Being well by being happy

May 19th, 2020

Playwright and filmmaker, Caytha Jentis, was readying her play, POOLING FOR PARADISE, for its off-Broadway opening. She was also readying her film, POOLING FOR PARADISE, for opening. That's right, she pulled the ultimate indie move ... play and film simultaneous! OK, play's on hold but the film is on its way! She shared with me how she keeps herself happy by keeping her friends happy.  

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ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 66 - Isabella Babich: Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

May 16th, 2020

Documentary filmmaker, Isabella Babich, lensed an engaging account of the multi-dimensional world of Cabaret. She did it becasue she fell in love with it as an art-form. She also shared her hopes that her love affair can eventually continue.  

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ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 65 - Attila Juhasz: Still Conquering

May 12th, 2020

Y'know, sometimes it takes just one conversation. 

I've had the pleasure of working alongside Attila Juhasz in sunny Arizona at equally sunny, Sun Studios on Terror TV. Little did I know that he is a fellow native New Yorker AND little did I know he published his own magazine; created his own video game featuring George Romero, has deep and extensive work within numerous facets of technology and worked with rock stars, movie personalities, and so much more. He's more than ready for whatever the arts world looks like when the curtains again rise.  

One thing I knew already and he just proved me right ... he's quite brilliant. 

This is obviously another crossover between IN THE PASSIONPIT and IN THE DARK so find my interview with Attila on both sites. 


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ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 64 - Jessie Fahay: Cause a Sci-Fi Ripple Effect

May 7th, 2020

Jessie Fahay, founding artistic director of Ripple Effect Artists, has scored a media triumvirate. The live theatre company (that's 1) recently branched out into indie film (that's 2) and - in honor of Orson Welles' birthday - will present arguably the most famous and easily historic radio play (that's 3) WAR OF THE WORLDS on Station WPKN on the internet (ooops, I guess that make 4) as a fundraiser for CoVid-19 relief. 

Jessie was somewhat surprised when i pointed out that she is rapidly becoming a sci-fi company as well.  

WAR OF THE WORLDS (of course) plus her new film, HERE COMES FRIEDA is a disaster tale set in the scary future; two previous works, 2071 (a climate change cautionary tale) and her first AEA contract production, THE ADDING MACHINE, Elmer Rice's 1930s classic about a dystopian future brought about by ... calculators.  

All this has earned her a place IN THE PASSIONPIT and IN THE DARK on TERROR TV (

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ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 63 - Jim Kierstead: On Broadway

May 5th, 2020

Broadway producer and selfless supporter of indie theatre, Jim Kierstead, talks of Broadway's reopening and what he feels are viable alternatives until the curtain goes up. 

It is always a pleasure to speak to Jim. He is accessible, friendly, and intelligent. We hear so many hypothesis from so many "informed" sources ... it is truly priceless to hear form some to whom this directly affects. 

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ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 62 - Travis Martin - Video on Demand

April 29th, 2020

February: Travis Martin was a successful actor doing an open end run of Anthony Piccione's new play and taking some video editing jobs on the side. 

April: Travis Martin is a video editor looking for Zoom Plays. 

Can anyone relate?  

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ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 54 - Micah Young: Children Will Listen

April 28th, 2020

Professional musician, Micah Young, can't be in the pit for a Broadway show right now; nor on the stage of Lincoln Center; nor in a cabaret venue. Instead, he is traveling around the world, hosting instructions and singalongs with children.

A parent once told him that - after he sang with her child - it was "the first time she smiled in weeks." 

Maybe he can't hear it but he's getting standing Os around the world.  

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ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 53 - Joel Eisenberg & Lorie Girsh: Filming after the Apocalypse

April 24th, 2020

Power couple, Joel Eisenberg & Lorie Girsh present great films and TV. Some recent successes remember the past (Then Again, Terror Talk). They cited examples of how we coped in the past that might help us in the future. Even looking to make-up with our BIG BROTHER. 

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ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 52 - Living to Tell the Tale … and Take the Picture

April 23rd, 2020

The New York Times reported today that the first case of death in the United States for Covid-19 was February 6. Dan Lane Williams was in hospital with the Flu and Pneumonia on January 12. His friends at the Wednesday Repertory were fearing the worst. Happily and thankfully, they were wrong. 

Dan is a brilliant photographer now taking this shelter-in-place to hone his craft. His hospitalization might also change history by pushing a timeline.  

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