In The PassionPit with Jay Michaels

ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 65 - Attila Juhasz: Still Conquering

May 12, 2020

Y'know, sometimes it takes just one conversation. 

I've had the pleasure of working alongside Attila Juhasz in sunny Arizona at equally sunny, Sun Studios on Terror TV. Little did I know that he is a fellow native New Yorker AND little did I know he published his own magazine; created his own video game featuring George Romero, has deep and extensive work within numerous facets of technology and worked with rock stars, movie personalities, and so much more. He's more than ready for whatever the arts world looks like when the curtains again rise.  

One thing I knew already and he just proved me right ... he's quite brilliant. 

This is obviously another crossover between IN THE PASSIONPIT and IN THE DARK so find my interview with Attila on both sites. 


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