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A Stranger in a REALLY Strange Land: international Artist, Adi Schor

July 10, 2019

The Alliance of Alien Artists - an organization dedicated to helping emerging artists from other countries explore and succeed at having a career in America - primarily New York - has offered an agreement to actress & singer, Adi Schor. On the heels of AAA's well-received production of American Dream at The Duplex and Ms. Schor's own critical acclaim creating the role of Catherine in the play, Heaven Sent, written by Bambi Everson, Maya Avisar of AAA and Schor connected and now she is a repertory member part of projects-in-development through 2020!

Schor, Israeli-born and living in NYC for the past three years, began her work in the arts in Israel in a theatre company called Chich's Neighbors. This became her springboard into coming to the U.S.A. "After serving two years in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), I guess I can handle auditioning in NYC," Schor amusingly quipped. Upon graduating from American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), she began working extensively on the musical and dramatic stages. Credits include the premiere of the new musical, Angels at Work, on Theatre Row; Annie with Plaza Theatricals; creating the role of Virginia Clemm Poe, wife of Edgar Allan Poe in the new play, The Spyglass Seven, a show that traveled both to the KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival and the International Edgar Allan Poe Festival in Baltimore, MD; and a key player in iDiva, presented by the Israeli Artists Project (IAP) at the Green Room 42, featuring songs by Israeli divas, and the AVIV celebration, a fundraising event honoring Sasson Gabai (The Band's Visit on Broadway).

The Alliance of Alien Artists is an organization founded to empower and support the work of international performers, in the pursuit of their career in the Unites States. The Alliance hosts seminars, workshops and masterclasses about subjects relating to being a performer, an immigrant and an artist. Some of our workshops include: Consulting with lawyers; Legal help from accountants; Meeting agents; Working with casting directors; and Speaking to performers who went through the process all the way to a Green Card and Citizenship. Members have access to their resource center, with information gathered by dozens of international performers throughout their journeys.

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