Sarah Elisabeth Brown: What They Did For Love

July 8th, 2019

Let's not forget when things were forbidden.

Lovebird Jamboree, by Sarah Elisabeth Brown, a featured event of the special Stonewall50 Fresh Fruit Festival, at The WILD Project 195 East 3rd Street (between Aves. A & B) New York City will run Tuesday 7/9 @ 8:30 pm; Friday 7/12 @ 9:00 pm; Saturday 7/13 @ 2:00 pm and tells the stories of LGBTQ individuals validating their existence and expressing their love ... before the new millennium.

As the recent century turned, gay marriage was still a dream and there were those out there fighting for equality and simply the right to love. Author Sarah Elisabeth Brown met with more than 30 individuals doing just that. These are a composite of their stories. Based on a series of interviews from people in the LGBTQI community, eight very different characters present their defining love stories. Gym junkies, sex workers, academics, softball jocks, and wannabe Jell-O salad aficionados - all get their say in this heartfelt, funny set of monologues. Supported by a story-collecting grant from the Santa Fe Community Foundation, the work premiered at Theaterwork in New Mexico in 2000. Lovebird Jamboree bring this powerful depiction of a moment in recent history and shows us how far we've come and far we still have yet to go. The play asks the questions, "how do you find love when the traditional pathways aren't open to you" or "how does a person reinvent love under those circumstances? Staring us in the face is another question: "What is family, and how can I create one that fits for me?"

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