In The PassionPit with Jay Michaels

ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 23 - Maryann Penzaro: Dancing as fast as she can!

March 31, 2020
Maryann Penzaro is indeed a lively artist. The dancer/dance captain whose "been there-done that" was handling a production of Guys & Dolls with young people of all kinds up in Westchester when all of this came down. THEN she really started dancing. Now she is keeping the company together; working to get it reopened after all this; caring for the neighborhood and those who need it most; sharing her thoughts and prayers with everyone; and doing it with a grace and joy that would be necessary in normal times. Now ... she is a godsend. I almost forgot why I called her because I was having such a good time. So will you. 


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