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ESSENTIAL-NONESSENTIAL: PART 18 - Ellen Matzer & Valery Hughes: Ministering Angels - Then & Now. PART I

March 27, 2020

Even as a quip, to call these two amazing women "nonessential" is criminal. On the front lines back-in-the-day during the AIDS crisis, Ellen & Valery were nurses during the AIDS epidemic and chronicled their heart-breaking yet empowering experiences in NURSES ON THE INSIDE, a book based on true and real events that happened during the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic ... from the frontlines. It focuses on their lives and their experiences. Some of the story is raw, sometimes graphic, but familiar for people with HIV infection or those dear to them.

Retired, they were contacted by Governor Cuomo to return to active duty to help the community and to help in finding a vaccine.

If I wasn't speechless when they contacted me to help share their [current] story, I was after speaking with them.


Here is a link to their book, which, like them, is essential.


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