Amanda and No Peeking gets their SHIT together and heads for L.A.

July 8th, 2019

NO PEEKING THEATRE is planning its biggest event ... ever. "The Shit Show" By Leelee Jackson is an immersive restructuring of the theatrical experience. Feeling the show NOT seeing it.

NO PEEKING restructures its productions to create a sightless theatre experience. What's left??? You might ask.

A world of feelings, olfactory and audible storytelling, tangible and taste-able moments. Blindfolded, the audience is told the story with the help of rain, wind, sound, smells, taste and so much more. "We couple the audience's imagination with literal 3D effects to create a sensory, immersive, and stimulating experience," says Amanda Levie, artistic director of NO PEEKING. "We are planning on being bi-coastal and non-profit, but we need help!" she exclaimed.

This summer, NO PEEKING plans on taking its acclaimed sensory theatre to Los Angeles where a production will be hosted by the playwright herself, Leelee Jackson. NO PEEKING has plans to bring theatre to visually impaired individuals and so many others who - for physical reasons and difficult locations - are deprived of quality live theatre experiences. NO PEEKING will enable sighted and impaired persons to enjoy an engrossing live theatre experience together. NO PEEKING - through its board of directors and repertory of actors and other artists - has formulated a massive nation-wide funding search. Thanks to generous donations and other offers of assistance, No Peeking will be able to bring its entire cast and crew down to a theatre in Los Angeles this summer. All they need left is $9,000.

NO PEEKING is actively seeking donors and - if monetary gifts cannot be made - individuals willing to spread the word about No peeking, the Shit Show, and the L.A. Campaign. For more information on how you can help, visit 

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